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I’m sure some day I will write a book giving away the most sought after beauty secrets. I will share unique business and sales strategies to make major $$$ being a makeup artist. In that book, I will motivate someone to break away from their safe job in order to make a profit off of their passion. But that book is still in my thoughts being nurtured creatively through essential life experiences. The good news is, I believe this sharing platform will be a nice prelude.
Welcome to Sisi’s Shared Space.

This creation came about because I believe I have more to offer than perfectly lit Instagram selfies, staged photos of my clients and 10 second clips strategically taken on the most eventful days of my life via SnapChat. I am much more than that. So get ready and excited if you choose, because I will periodically release a mash up of what I’ve been researching, working on and inspired by. I hope this is a resource for information and motivation for all that stop by my page. Here’s an opportunity to share a part of my world that I don’t get to show on social media!

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And so it begins..

Make It Beautiful

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