Two years ago, I turned my bridal business around by doing more for brides before they even put down a single payment. I lead with service and clarity of exactly all I was going to do for them and when the day came, I showed up EVEN MORE! While the bridal business is lucrative, it can also be physically taxing on your body and completely consuming of your schedule that should be enjoyed with family and friends. Thankfully, even when I was only charging $170 for a bride, I never had any bridezillas (well maybe just one). But I mention that because I noticed a drastic change in the clients I started to retain when my packages were more detailed and the investment to work with me increased. I noticed the connection.

The brides that paid more were so easy going and cared about great makeup application but they also wanted to invest in professionalism, service and peace of mind.

So that’s what I started to show them before they ever booked a bridal package with me. No more emailing my rates blindly to anyone who sent me a dm, text or inquiry through my website.

I developed a process that would show prospective clients my professionalism from their very first interaction with me.

This helped them know who I was and it also helped me weed out the brides that did not align with the type of service I wanted to deliver. 

With time, my brides were asking for less and overjoyed when I delivered more. They referred me to like minded friends and family who also were easy going brides. By that time, my packages increased to $500 and up for the bride only. Before I knew it, I was booking brides with their package paid in full without even doing a trial.

This strategy started to allow me to work with the quality and caliber of brides I also wanted to serve. I want to share this adaptive strategy with other artists because I have hopes that it will elevate the bridal business especially for artists servicing brides of color! I want to share this strategy because I want other artists to have better clients, increase their rates and revenue, level up what they have to offer and most importantly, get time back with their families in that busy summer season because you’ve built quality that doesn’t overwhelm you with quantity.

Please join me to understand how this can work in your business.


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The strategy for a structured bridal business


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Marie + Lud’s Haitian – Portugese wedding at the Merion planned by Elles Couture Photo credit: © Petronella Photography

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