May 2, 2016 Sisi Nike

Dating a Woman with a Dream

What exactly does that mean? A woman with a dream is someone incredibly ambitious and an over-achiever at heart. As an entrepreneur, I am certainly a woman with big dreams. Those dreams seek a delicate level of attention and reciprocity. Dating can be a challenge when you can’t relate to or rely on your partner in a supporting and encouraging way. Our conversations must be different. Energy levels must be positive and balanced. We must be met with the perfect amount of empathy and yet still challenged by a man who wants to see us succeed equally as much as we do.

SIGNS. If you’re with someone who is all this to you, you are blessed. I’ve come across so many women who tell me that their man is always on top of them telling them to “go for it” and stop being scared of achieving their goals. This is incredible and should be cherished! Not every man can support their women in this fashion. I like to believe that if you find someone that can be this rock for you, take it as a sign that you should pursue what is in your heart. God placed someone in your life to be an encourager. How could you ever question your path when He connected you with someone who wants to walk it with you and nurture that craving to succeed every step of the way?!

ACCOUNTABILITY. Every woman needs an accountability partner. Someone who is going to hold you accountable for what you said you’d do and “check you” when you’re slacking off because you’re afraid. Being afraid is not an excuse, go for it anyway. Your accountability partner will “keep you honest” about what is holding you back. 9 times out of 10 they will see something in you that maybe you didn’t see in yourself and that will be the thing to help you overcome it all. Listen to them. Let them help you help yourself.

RESPECT. What’s sexier than someone that believes in themselves and uses their God given gifts? You gotta respect it. All the advice, accountability and challenging must come from a place of love and for your own best interest. When someone shows you and tell you that they respect, you can truly thrive off of their constructive criticism and feedback. If you’ve got respect, YOU’VE ALREADY WON.

TIME. It’s precious isn’t it? When your dreams, your passion or your business are all you think about, anyone who gets an ounce of your time must be worth it. Men must understand that if you really want to date a woman with a dream. We need more. Call it being vulnerable, I call it fearlessly compassionate. There is nothing wrong with needing that sort of companion.

Never dim your light for someone who doesn’t “get it”. The right one will and when you get him, work as hard as you can for your dreams and lean on him for the support when it gets rough and when you WIN.

–with love