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  • Date of Service: Saturday, July 7, 2018
    Start Time: 12:00 pm
    End Time: 3:30 pm
    Makeup Location: Client's Home
    322 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233
    Service Description: Makeup for 3 women
    Rate: $120 pp [$360 total]
  • By my electronic signature below, I certify the information I provide on and in connection with this form is true, accurate and complete.
  • 1.) PAYMENT. In full consideration for all services rendered by the contractor on location, Olanike "SISI NIKE" Isijola agrees to make the following payment in US funds to the contractor:
    a) FULL AMOUNT. SISI NIKE will pay the full amount after all services are rendered by the contractor based on rate and services specified above. SISI NIKE will not agree to any cash advance or deposit to contractor prior to services rendered. By agreeing and electronically signing, contractor agrees to provide services in a timely manner.
    -- EXCEPTION: Unavailability of SISI NIKE to provide service to client on date requested as a result of extreme sickness, accidents, natural disasters and other reasons beyond the makeup artist’s control. In which case, SISI NIKE is not obligated to pay contractor full or partial amount. In the unfortunate situation that the contractor is unable to perform services due to extreme sickness, accidents, natural disasters and other reasons beyond the contractor's control, contractor is obligated to notify SISI NIKE and secure a replacement to provide the full services originally agreed upon by the contractor.
    b) ADDITIONAL SERVICES. If additional services are requested on the date of service by client, proper adjustment of full amount will take place.
    c) TRAVEL RATE: SISI NIKE is not responsible for contractor travel and meals. All expenses occurred is the responsibility of the contractor unless other arrangements between contractor and SISI NIKE are agreed upon prior to services rendered.
    2.) LATE ARRIVAL. Timely arrival is critical to the completion of full service requested; late arrival is not acceptable. The contractor will strongly adhere to the start and end times for service. If contractor does not show up to designated location at the start time designated on this contractor agreement, contractor may forfeit right to full payment of service and SISI NIKE may request contractor to leave location without pay. This includes if the contractor is at the location of service but is not available to render services (e.g. makeup kit is not accessible) in which the contractor is unable to begin makeup application.
    3.) SOLICITATION. In no way is the contractor allowed to solicit service of personal makeup services to clients belonging to SISI NIKE. Any knowledge of solicitation to clients is subject to dismissal of future contractor arrangements.
    4.) MISCELLANEOUS. Any photos taken by the contractor on the date of service cannot be used for promotional use on contractor website/blog/Facebook page and other social media/advertising platforms unless first agreed upon with SISI NIKE and client prior to the photo being taken. All photos of work completed by SISI NIKE should be credited to SISI NIKE accordingly.

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