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I started out learning makeup from YouTube like most aspiring makeup artists growing up in the social media age. I learned so much without ever stepping foot in to a traditional beauty school -but then I hit a wall. The YouTube videos started to get repetitive and not specific enough for where I was in my personal growth. I needed more and I needed to learn from professionals with serious years and experience in the beauty industry!

I now understand that most everyday women feel the same exact way. The YouTube tutorials have started to get overwhelming and damn near redundant. They need a 1 on 1 explanation for how to apply makeup specifically on themselves because everyone has unique needs. I also understand that some women just wanna finally feel good about pouring into themselves again! Neglected yourself after having kids – I got you. Been doing the same look for a decade and need a reboot – I got you. Never knew how to but finally want to get in to having fun with makeup – I got you too.

Who Can Learn: The everyday woman eager to expand her daytime and nighttime glam.

Where Can I Learn: From the comfort of your own home online!

When Can I Learn: Start today! Book with me and you’ll be able to get on my calendar right away!

What’s Next: Sign up with your email today and I will contact you directly. I hope you’re serious about this because this is going to be an amazing session filled with “ah-ha” moments as you get full access in to my tips and tricks for glam!

  • (e.g. 'March 11, 2020' OR 'Anytime March or April')
  • (e.g. 11 AM - 1 PM) Online makeup tutorials are 2 hours

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