dsc05804-2Sisi Nike is a makeup artist based in the NJ-NY metro area. She is a woman that embodies a relentless work ethic and prides herself on exceptional service. Scouting out the best products on the market to stock her makeup kit when serving a diverse range of skin tones is a priority on Sisi’s list to be the best artist possible. Her clients consist of brands such as IMAN Cosmetics, Jay Manuel Beauty, SheaMoisture as well as musical artists and celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Brianna Perry and Angela Simmons.

Her passion for makeup grew intuitively while servicing close family and friends for their weddings. It quickly bloomed in to a profession and her very own luxury bridal business servicing affluent brides across New Jersey and New York. Sisi is also a proud Coterie member and Beauty Contributor for MunaLuchi Bridal Magazine. Sisi can offer the best to her clients because she learns from the best. Make no mistake, this self-taught makeup artist trained relentlessly on her craft and invested in her skill by attending makeup classes from some of the top celebrity makeup artists including Sir John, Sheika Daley, Renny Vasquez, Tatiana Ward and Nicky Posley.

Sisi is often recognized by her ever changing haircuts and striking sense of style, but the woman who embraces beauty and fashion seldom boasts about her technical background in Chemical Engineering. Sisi earned her Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in personal care science and colloidal chemistry. Her technical background allows her to understand cosmetics in a way different than her fellow makeup artists. She has a passion for understanding not only how to make a woman beautiful, but the science behind the products that allow her to do so.

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FAQs Before Your Wedding Booking

I'm in the process of searching for a makeup artist and I've looked through so many artists, why should I choose Sisi Nike?
I’m a wedding professional first. With 5 years in bridal thus far, I’ve evolved significantly beyond just a woman that can do makeup. I’m here to serve you on one of the most important days of your life. Choose wisely when hiring the person you want around the most precious people to you on such an important and emotional day. I’m responsive, professional, timely, reliable and a positive light while serving you. You will come out looking stunning, timeless and happy from the inside out with how you look.


I filled out the booking form and requested your service, how soon can I expect to hear back from you?
I typically respond the same day or within 24 – 48 hours depending on weekday/weekends. While I’d love to get back to all requests within minutes, I might be with a client or on set for a photoshoot and must give that client my undivided attention. No worries, responsiveness and timeliness are highly valued and I do my best to get back to requests promptly. I want to speak with everyone that has an interest in me serving them!


Do you also do hair?
No, I’m not a hairstylist but I have referrals across NJ as well as NY!


Do you work with a team?
Yes! When serving clients with mid-size to large bridal parties (4 or more), I bring in another artist to split the work to get everyone’s makeup completed on time! All of the assistants I have worked with, I have either trained personally or worked with directly and trust their work, professionalism and timeliness to make this a seamless process for you. So no worries about scouting out different makeup artists for your bridal party! Just shoot over an inquiry and I’ll get you what you need!


I already have a makeup artist in mind to do some of my bridesmaids, do you work with other artists you don't know?
Of course! I’m a positive proponent of artists being able to work together to get the job done! While I understand the nature of established trusted relationships with a particular artist as well as potential benefits to your budget, I cannot guarantee that the makeup aesthetic between my work, the work of my selected assistants and your preferred artist will be equivalent.


Can you send your pricing and packages?
I do not discuss rates without having a phone consultation with the bride. I want to make sure that I hear directly from the bride so I can get to know her, her beauty vision as well as her wedding details so I can offer the best package and payment options suited for her.


I'm an event planner, bridesmaid or just a friend trying to assist the bride, can you send me your rates?
Thank you very much for the referral, it is greatly appreciated! Please see the above answer and have your bride contact me directly or provide me with her contact information (email or phone #) and I will reach out to her personally and promptly.


I was filling out your inquiry form and it asked for a budget but I am unsure of how much makeup costs?
At a minimum, factor the following 5 things in to your budget: 1. Bride’s makeup for a bridal demo 2. Brides’s makeup for the wedding day 3. Total number of bridesmaids’/mothers’ makeup on wedding day 4. Travel of makeup artist to you for demo and wedding day 5. Your experience of professionalism, timeliness, reliability and skill level delivered by your makeup artist to you on your wedding day. Prices range from artist to artist and areas throughout the country. I know it can be confusing because there is no set price but take a look at my guide to choosing your makeup artist for further assistance!


I want to book you but I'm having a destination wedding, do you travel?
Of course! In addition to your bridal package, destination brides must book flight, ground transportation, meals (typically all inclusive) and hotel accommodations. The same would apply for brides within the US but are more than a 4 hour drive from central NJ.


I love your work and know for sure I want you to do my makeup, but unsure how many of my bridesmaids can commit, can I still book you?
Of course! I strongly suggest getting your retainer in to me to secure your date even though your bridesmaids may still need to assess the financial investment. With appropriate time prior to the wedding (at least 1 month), you can always increase the number of women getting their makeup done and the balance due on your wedding day will be adjusted accordingly.


Do you offer a bridal demo before I book you for my wedding day?
I do not book bridal demos separate from a wedding date. No worries, it’s to a client’s benefit! I allow clients to book their demo on a day that syncs with a special event such as a hair demo, dress fitting, bridal shower etc which can be some time after the initial phone consultation. Booking your wedding date and demo at the same time ensures that I will still be available for your wedding date after your demo. Booking your demo separately from you wedding date, does not guarantee that.

To provide comfort to the client still nervous, this is why I require a phone consultation to make sure I understand your personality and beauty vision before you ever put down a retainer and we meet for a demo. I also can tweak the look to your liking during your demo to make sure you are in love with your look. I don’t want you to just like it, I want you to love it!!! Still skeptical, I also encourage you to read through reviews from my past clients!


I'm unsure of what I want, do you alter the look during the demo so I can see different options to compare?
Of course! 90% of my clients tell me they want something natural but glam and to look like themselves and they’re not sure if they want a bold lip and/or a bold eye. For those unsure, I will first give you a beautiful traditional bridal look that we discussed in your phone consultation, then I will transition the lip, cheek and/or eye color to your liking, take pictures and send to you so you can compare side by side to make your decision on what you like best.


I want a bold red lip color for my wedding day, what do you think?
While your look is completely up to you and I will achieve the look you want, there is a strategic reason behind the common but beautiful bridal nude/pink lip. Spare the groom the lip stains! Most brides don’t think of that, but your groom will thank you. Opt for bold colors for your reception, if booked to stay for your touch ups, I can transition in to the bold color you want! Still want bold color down the aisle? Your choice, you’ve got it!


My skin is super oily and I sweat a lot, will my makeup last all day?
While I can’t promise that you will be shine free all day, I’m confident that the makeup application will not move or “run” (with exception to the lip color). For my bridal clients concerned about it, pick the package where I stay with you till the reception so you can be worry free.


I want a natural look, what do you think?
Natural is best for bridal! But often times, the everyday woman who doesn’t wear much makeup on a consistent basis can mean a different type of natural in comparison to makeup artists. This is another reason why a phone consultation is key!


Are lashes included?
OF COURSE! I’m a strong lover of false lashes because of the effect it has on completing your look for wedding photography. I have an assortment of natural to dramatic strip false lashes for you and your bridal party. I also customize the bride’s lashes with individual lashes to fit your specific eye shape and get them just perfect. If you’re interested in mink strip lashes, I can offer you that as well!


I'm an African-American bride and my bridal party is multi-cultural, do you do makeup for other ethnicities?
Of course! As a dark skin woman myself, nothing irritates me more than makeup artists who do not have a makeup kit stocked with foundation shades for dark skin women. So I pride myself on being able to do makeup on all women of all skin complexions and of a mature age. So whether you or your bridesmaids are the lightest ivory or the deepest chocolate, you’re in good hands!


I'm ready to book a bridal package with you, what do I do next?
I can’t wait to hear from you! Send me an inquiry and I will respond to you quickly to setup a phone consultation!

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Sisi Shares: 1 on 1

Get Ready To Learn More!

I started out learning makeup from YouTube like most aspiring makeup artists growing up in the social media age. I learned so much without ever stepping foot in to a traditional beauty school -but then I hit a wall. The YouTube videos started to get repetitive and not specific enough for where I was in my personal growth. I needed more and I needed to learn from professionals with serious years and experience in the beauty industry!

I attended my first makeup class with celebrity makeup artist to the A-listers, Sheika Daley and the rest was history! I became obsessed with investing in my craft and learning first hand from some of the best of the best in the industry including Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John. Making the investment transformed my work and increased my business acumen. With 6 years in the game, online beauty brand campaigns, luxury bridal clients, magazine features and celebrity clientele under my belt -here’s my chance to offer my technique to you online or in the privacy of your own home!!!

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Who Can Learn: The everyday woman eager to expand her daytime and nighttime glam and the makeup artist growing her kit in search of the fundamental building blocks for flawless application. If you’re serious about learning and ready to book today, this is for YOU!

What Will I Learn:
– My recommended brushes and products
– Skin care prep tips
– Highlighting and contouring (like no other!)
– Brow filing and sculpting (Sisi’s signature way!)
– Smokey eye
– Lash application
– Sisi’s 3 P’s for blending better than airbrush, this guideline is GOLD!
I’m also known to drop life gems from time to time when I share my personal makeup journey 😉

Where Can I Learn: From the comfort of your own home online or in-person! I will come to you for an in-person session OR we can use an online HD video conferencing platform that is desktop, iPhone and Android compatible. So it’s up to you!

When Can I Learn: Start today! Book with me and you’ll be able to get on my calendar right away!

What’s Next: Sign up with your email today and I will contact you directly. I hope you’re serious about this because this is going to be an amazing session filled with “ah-ha” moments as you get full access in to my tips and tricks for glam!

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